Andi Walker is a girl who does not want to move to her animal-allergic great-aunt Alice because to do so would mean having to say goodbye to her beloved dog Bebe. Regardless of this, she is forced to go. However, shortly after the move, she finds a stranded dog and wishes to keep her. Andi's mother vetoes this idea, so, along with her older brother Bruce, she keeps the dog (who she names "Friday") and her pups in an abandoned house across the street. After a while, Andi and Bruce allow in three more partners, Tim, Debbie, and Annabel and eight more dogs: Red Rover (an Irish Setter who ran away from his abusive owner and Bruce's enemy, Jerry Gordon), MacTavish (an abandoned dog), Preston (a paying tenant), and five "Bulldales". In the end, their expenses overwhelm them, and they are discovered by their father, mother, and aunt. During a final scene, Jerry's wickedness is revealed to his ignorant father, Red Rover, Friday, and Bebe return home with the Walkers, MacTavish is adopted by Tim, the Bulldales find a home, and Andi's writing is finally published.